Virginia Azria was born on the French Riviera in the late 60s, It is after living in Shanghai for her art that she decides to reunite with her roots. Born from a cultural melting pot due to her Slavic and Mediterranean origins, she evolves from her early childhood in the respect of traditions and human values.


The artist is inspired by the souls of the countries she has crossed, immersing herself in their invigorating energies to create, over long years of work, her art pieces. Her creations are delirious, refined, cheerful, sometimes naughty.


The radiance that emanates from them will transform into a philosophy for those who become attached to them.


This effluence reveals the call of the present being, secretly buried deep within each one to awaken: laughter, joy, childhood, dreams, escapism, unbridled sexuality…
The value will not be so much that of the products used, whether precious (gold, silver, pearls, diamonds, rubies, turquoise, malachite, antique objects, objects dear to one’s memories and more but the estimate that each person will give according to their sensitivity, touched by the discourse held for “them” by the work.


The process used by Virginia Azria, is the synthesis of a multitude of experiments, techniques, supports, objects, integrating the use materials such as polymers, resins, natural fibers, natural pigments and gold and many elements. The artist collects, recycles, chines, recovers, everything that one day will blossom in a place of choice within a sculpture: from her daughters’ figurines, to the gold cantille of embroidery used in Haute Couture, through valuable jewelry, to the trinkets recovered from her friends, antique pieces found all over the world, with multi-coloured sequins and many artifacts.


Like the kaleidoscope, which:
“In so far as it possesses both a “finite” number of elements in a finite space, and yet allows an “indefinite” number of combinations, it gives a concrete, symbolic illustration of the way in which you can create something new by simply rearranging what was there before”.
Virginia likes to apply the “kaleidoscope” approach to her creations.


Her collection, a rich combination of variations, includes 3D and 2D sculptures, prints, giant necklaces, dolls necklaces works of art in their own right, canvases, photos of her artwork, each unique.


Bon voyage to infinity and beyond !