An artist from Nice, to the legendary Negresco

Discover a palace overflowing with works of art and admire a colourful explosion of energy in a space dedicated to the inimitable universe of the artworks of Virginia AZRIA.¬† The pieces on display range from 3D sculptures, to “painting” sculptures, through the “chosen” dolls, giant necklace dolls, unique piece, the “giant dolls” art necklaces to canvases. Each piece is a sample of her true signature. Current exhibition.

Sigef 18 – 19 septembre 2019

Virginia AZRIA was in Tokyo for the SIGEF 2019 organized by HORYOU at the Swiss embassy.

Kyoto 13 septembre 2019

Virginia AZRIA meets Sumie and Toshiaki NAGAKUSA, leading embroidery experts whose works are treasures of Japanese culture.